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Paris, 2023
Pateau Consultants is conducting several cross-cultural sessions for Sonepar, a leading technical solutions provider to electrical industry professionals.  

Weiden-Lille, 2023, March
Pateau Consultants organises a cross-cultural coaching session for the Witt Group, a leading German clothing mail order retailer belonging to Otto Group

Paris-Bonn, 2023, March-May-December
Pateau Consultants continues to support Buyin, the JV of Deutsche Telekom and Orange through on-line and face-to-face coaching and cross-cultural training. 

Our approach

Pateau Consultants has developed its approach from extensive research into the sources of dysfunctions in Franco-German industrial cooperation that was conducted through the University of Compiègne at the end of the 80s with the support of the Bosch Foundation.

The aim was threefold :

Thus combining both field and research, this approach rapidly aroused the interest of the companies involved and led to the creation of Pateau Consultants. Today we coach French and German firms involved in cooperation or integration processes whether these be strategic alliances, mergers or acquisitions.

Since 2005, while maintaining our roots in Franco-German relations, our multicultural team has extended its approach to the whole of Europe, North and South America as well as Asia while continuing to use the same methodology that consists of a continual exchange between research, the field and training.

From simple cultural awareness for companies “going international” to multicultural teambuilding, we offer a range of services that all have the same goal : to provide the tools that will allow the complexity of the other cultural system to be better apprehended, while creating a team spirit and laying the foundations of a shared culture.

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