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Charleston, Shanghai, Paris, S2019, September-November
Pateau Consultants leads several cross-cultural sessions in Asia and Europe for the senior managers of Sonepar, a leading technical solutions provider to electrical industry professionals.  

Lille, Weiden, 2019 September-December
Pateau Consultants support the the acquisition of the German company ATU by the Mobivia Group through different coaching and training sessions. 

Paris-Stadhagen, 2019
In the framework of the acquisition of the Japanese Clarion Pateau Consultants organises several cross-cultural sessions in Europe.




Going international, building and developing multicultural teams, successfully integrating,… all presuppose method, coherence, consistence and monitoring.

At every stage of your organization's growth, we help you to analyze your needs, establish your priorities and make the best choices. The tools we offer extend from auditing through to training via individual coaching and intercultural mediation.

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The trigger

In companies where international expansion is recent, team cohesion and motivation depend on an awareness of the impact of the culture factor and the relativity of value systems, behavior and organization.

The insights that we provide help you to avoid misunderstandings and identify the potential conflict risks as well as the opportunities for synergy in any intercultural cooperation process.

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An expert's foreign assignment or an expatriation means first giving up the comfort of one's own culture in order to develop the openness, capacity to adapt and autonomy needed to perform in new and uncertain contexts.

Our experts' experience allows you to adapt your communication, negotiation and management style and to acquire the in-depth knowledge of your target countries that will be immediately applicable in your daily interactions.

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Common Ground

Building and developing multicultural teams, whether real or virtual, requires an understanding of differences, a mastering of the mechanics of integration and an awareness of the underlying logic of those concerned.

The Pateau Consultants team has well-established know-how in this field that allows fears to be overcome, divergences to be expressed and thus creates trust within the team and added value for the company.

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