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On-line, May 2021
Pateau Consultants is preparing several on-line cross-cultural sessions in Asia and Europe for the Junior Committee of Sonepar, a leading technical solutions provider to electrical industry professionals.  

Paris-Stuttgart, June 2021
Pateau Consultants - let's cross the fingers...-organises a cross-cultural coaching session for Franco-German mixed teams in the framework of the Daimler-Renault cooperation.

Paris-Bonn, February-June 2021
Pateau Consultants continues to support Buyin, the JV of Deutsche Telekom and Orange through on-line and face-to-face coaching and cross-cultural training. 

photo de Edith Luc

“I consult in global organizations to help executives, managers and employees work together and benefit from their various cultural horizons.”

Social psychologist, (Ph.D. University of Montréal), Edith Luc is herself from a multicultural background thanks to her Amerindians, Belgians, French, and Luxembourgeois ancestors. She lives in Quebec and sojourns regularly in France. She has traveled in New-Guinea, South East Asia, Europe and Central America. She has worked in Australia where she implemented a french linguistic training program. During her college years, she was in charge of a canadian field study on Amerindians cultures.

She began her career in 1982 at the University of Ottawa where she directed a pan-Canadian study on adult education. In 1986, she started her own management consulting business.

Her clients are from the services and communications sectors. She helps executives, managers and employees work together when confronted with national and corporate cultural challenges. She consults as well when intergroup conflicts arise by diagnosing the situation and implementing action plans. Her services include as well : teambuilding, cultural audits, training and coaching during mergers and acquisitions. Her consultations aim at establishing and implementing strategies that will help people manage cultural difficulties so they can work in a performing and harmonious social environment.

She prepares French business people to do business and live in Canada. She trains and coaches Canadians expatriates to work and live in other countries. She trains corporate universities trainers to take into account learning strategies of their participants when coming from different cultural perspectives.

She is a board member of APEIQ (Association for intercultural communication of Québec), Psychologists Corporation of Québec, a member of SIETAR International.

She consults with different Canadian and global organizations such as : Axa, Ericsson, Hydro-Québec, governments of Canada, Québec and Ontario, Infogrames, Poullain Enterprises Inc, Fujistsu, FTM international, Fritz, Via Rail, Voxdata, Gaz Métropolitain, City of Montréal, Ste-Justine Hospital for Children, etc..

She joined Pateau Consultants in 2008.

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