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On-line, May 2021
Pateau Consultants is preparing several on-line cross-cultural sessions in Asia and Europe for the Junior Committee of Sonepar, a leading technical solutions provider to electrical industry professionals.  

Paris-Stuttgart, June 2021
Pateau Consultants - let's cross the fingers...-organises a cross-cultural coaching session for Franco-German mixed teams in the framework of the Daimler-Renault cooperation.

Paris-Bonn, February-June 2021
Pateau Consultants continues to support Buyin, the JV of Deutsche Telekom and Orange through on-line and face-to-face coaching and cross-cultural training. 

Building a multicultural team means first creating an organization and allocating responsibilities and limits for individuals of different nationalities according to a wise mixture that reflects the balance (or imbalance) of a merger or a consolidation. However, after that everything still remains to be done. How can staff begin to move forward together, overcome ambiguities, avoid ineffective meetings, understand each other, manage their team successfully (and their boss), set clear rules and abide by them ? Above all, how can everyone learn how to openly express their differences in an atmosphere of trust ?

For many years Pateau Consultants has offered a global approach that allows any team to be accompanied in its growth. The methodology that we have developed and continue to apply to Franco-German cooperation and integration has also been successfully used with multicultural entities :

1. Our intercultural teambuilding

Examples :

*“Bridges” seminars Thales since 2008

Many of Thales teams have used our intercultural management tool since the first “Bridges” seminars began. The objectives are to get to know each other better, to control the downside of distance cooperation, to understand cultural differences, to succeed in openly discussing “touchy subjects” and to concretely improve everyday work relations.

The tenth “Bridge” seminar brought network architects together for two and a half days. Nine different countries were represented : Germany, Australia, Brazil, China, Spain, the United States, France, Italy and the Netherlands. Their comments say it all :

“It makes you consider and question your way of doing things I really appreciated the teambuilding, the good balance with working sessions and the concrete outputs ; it's the first time I see useful workshops !”

“I liked the dialogue part where people put out all their thoughts and after we could grow together addressing much more deeply our internal issues.”

“If in your team members are not supporting each other, then use this seminar.”

“I recommend it for sure. It gives you a different perspective of the teamwork.”

“I would like you to know that in these 2 and a half days I have improved my sense of cooperation and teamwork. I have participated in similar workshops before but I have never seen such an integrated team as our SDI group. It was a really good experience seeing people from different cultures working together with cooperation and teamwork as a common goal. Thank you all and count on my team.”

*Multicultural seminars at Airbus 

This company's increased integration has resulted in the implementation of a much more transnational organization. As cooperation from day-to-day has become more and more difficult, many sectors have asked us to help them improve their communication effectiveness. We have assisted over 300 employees from engineering with our intercultural teambuilding seminars. Each session has been attended by German, English, French and Spanish co-workers. Below are the conclusions from the Domain Materials and Processes sector six months after the seminar.

Examples of positive results observed in the daily business :

We made some big steps but we are still far from being perfect !

Teambuilding seminars are adapted to the needs of the company with an emphasis on specific objectives :

We organize an evaluation session six to eight months after every program which allows us to assess the quality of the results and how well the action plan, drawn up during the seminar, is being put into action.

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