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On-line, May 2021
Pateau Consultants is preparing several on-line cross-cultural sessions in Asia and Europe for the Junior Committee of Sonepar, a leading technical solutions provider to electrical industry professionals.  

Paris-Stuttgart, June 2021
Pateau Consultants - let's cross the fingers...-organises a cross-cultural coaching session for Franco-German mixed teams in the framework of the Daimler-Renault cooperation.

Paris-Bonn, February-June 2021
Pateau Consultants continues to support Buyin, the JV of Deutsche Telekom and Orange through on-line and face-to-face coaching and cross-cultural training. 

Acculturation is used in this specific case to designate the process that allows individuals to adapt to a culture other than their own.

The desire to create an international hotbed for managers or experts who are called upon to carry out their functions in a variety of geographical, political, strategic, economic, social and cultural contexts must be accompanied by the development of intercultural communication skills.

1.Culture Specific Briefings

Examples :

*Airbus UK, Filton, 2005, to better understand French, German and Spanish colleagues

Experts from Pateau Consultants, who organize many programs for Airbus' integrated teams, organized a seminar for Airbus UK near their site in Filton. It was specially designed for the British employees called upon to work in a transnational context. The engineers who attended were particularly conscious of the stumbling blocks in communication and of the inevitable misunderstandings caused by the vastly different styles of their European partners.

“I really appreciated the presentation of different European cultures which was very accurate (for me) and informative (about others).”

“I had underestimated the social component of French and Spanish culture in the workplace and its importance have been underestimated by me. I will shake hands with more enthusiasm in future…”

*France Télécom, 2005, audience of experts - 2 days to better understand Poland

Guided by our expert Malgorzata Kacprowska, participants spent two days discovering the underlying mechanics of Polish corporate culture : meetings, the decision-making process, communication and negotiation styles. Step by step a different relationship to authority based on a hitherto unknown or little known history, family environment and educational system surfaced from behind these dominant characteristics. After learning to take a step back from their own culture and delving into concrete cases related to their own recent experiences, the experts then acquired the tools and an analytical framework that will allow them to optimize their performance in future assignments.

“This seminar provides a new perspective on a culture that we know little of and thus helps to avoid mistakes and misunderstandings… The concept of a code impressed me a lot… Indispensable for all those called upon to carry out an assignment in Poland.”

2.Integration Seminars for expatriates and their partners

A successful expatriation means the enrichment of those involved and a return on the company's investment. It requires twofold integration : the manager in his professional life, his/her family in their private life.

Example :

*Aventis - Lyon, Francfort, Strasbourg, 2000-2002

This conviction led us to including partners for the whole of the seminar at Aventis so that they would benefit from the information transmitted but also so that they could overcome everyday difficulties related to institutional and cultural differences (children, school, bank, social life, invitations…).

In real rather than virtual surroundings (in Frankfort for the Christmas Market or Lyon during the Fête des Lumières), we sought to provide an in-depth experience of the various cultural dimensions : national culture, corporate culture, regional culture ; without neglecting the psychological preparation related to the expatriate adaptation cycle. In a little over a year, our team organized and conducted 14 integration seminars attended by 210 expatriates and their partners (France, Germany, the United Kingdom, United States, South Africa, Colombia, etc.).

“I enormously appreciated the quality of the presentations as well as the friendliness, the methodology and professionalism of the facilitators.”
Pascal Caruhel(F), Environmental Science

“My experiences with your team have been very enriching, it gives one tremendous insight into what I have experienced to date and what to expect in future.”
Robert Condon(US), Marketing

“I would recommend this training because it is an essential eye opener for anyone moving to Lyon.”
John Pilmoor (UK), Biochemistry R&D

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